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At Beluga Luxury, we know the meaning of true elegance and sophistication, and deliver it to our clients as a matter of principle. Our concierges are masters at designing bespoke itineraries to create refined and awe-inspiring experiences that take luxury travel to a new stratosphere. Incapisca was tasked with helping develop a new design aesthetic for the Beluga website and ensure that luxury was the key element.

We established early on that 3 different sites and numerous other domain alias’s for beluga were confusing users and more importantly diluting the brand. Combining the three areas of the business into one simple to navigate website was the best solution to maximise web traffic and stand out from the crowd.

Working closely with Beluga Luxury the integration of the digital brochure designs re-enforcing brand identity and add a seamless flow between the two mediums. Balance and synergy were achieved with spectacular photography and video creating an exclusive and boutique feel to this already luxurious brand.

A Trilogy of Luxury

Chartered through ExecuJet Australasia, our high-performance executive jet takes elegance to new heights. With only a short notice period required, our experienced pilots, flight attendants, and valet service are here for you throughout your journey to ensure your flight is the epitome of comfort and style.

Moored in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Oceania region, our G3 superyacht is ready and waiting for your next adventure. Sporting state-of-the-art features and a highly experienced captain and crew, including a chef, masseuse, and diving instructor — providing endless entertainment and relaxation on the water.

The Sydney residence, Balmoral Beach View, is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture. Situated in the prestigious seaside neighbourhood of Balmoral, the home boasts scenic views of the Sydney waterfront and north shore.

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